Corporate Social Investment - Chatsworth Centre

Publicity Bursary Awards 2018:

Chatsworth Centre hosted the annual Bursary Awards function on Friday, 2nd March 2018. This CSI initiative caters for impecunious matriculants in the community, who want to study further at a tertiary institution of their choice. Since 2016, Chatsworth Centre has taken a new approach by allowing anyone between the ages of 17-25 years old with a matric qualification to enter. This longstanding initiative empowers the youth of the community and assists them in reaching their dreams whilst alleviating the financial burden of studying. The bursary was open to all 2017 matriculants and to those between the ages of 17 to 25 with a matric qualification.

Six students were chosen according to their financial need and academic merit by an independent judging panel.

Chatsworth Centre is proud to have helped change the lives of these six students and the proud recipients of bursaries were Nonhlelo Ntshaba, R20 000, Cyle Naidoo, R19 000, Macalyn Marcel Gopalan, R14 000, Waseelah Adam, R17 000, Natisha Dhanraj, R15 000 and Joshua Karunakaram, R 15 000. Mr Vijay Maharaj from The Rising Sun had opted to sponsor an additional R10 000 towards Nonhlelo Ntshaba studies.

The awardees were overwhelmed and beyond appreciative upon receiving their bursaries. Chatsworth Centre is proud to have brought joy and assistance in alleviating the financial strain of the students and their families.

Chatsworth Centre would like to thank the Rising Sun for their coverage of the event, all suppliers for their support and who have generously sponsored toward the event.